We have already said why it’s so important to be able to show your business on the top positions of the first page of Google. In Hong Kong and around the world consumers use the search engine to find valuable information for any kind of product or service. Showing your brand in the first page of Google represents an opportunity to increase the amount of traffic of people interested in what you have to offer and subsequently your sales.



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SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. It basically represents the set of activities done to improve the organic rank (not the paid one) of a brand in Google. Differently from Google Ads an SEO plan takes time for its implementation to be effective. Your site won’t be able to appear the same day you start an SEO activity in the top positions of Google. The organic optimisation of your business keywords is a constant activity done over a period of several months.

When ranking a website in the search results the Google algorithm takes in consideration different factors. The structure of the site, the easiness of navigation, the keywords contained in it , the type of content that you have and the regularity with which you produce new one. New, fresh, regularly updated quality content plays a big role in your SEO optimisation.

Another important factor for your organic ranking is backlinks. Google measures the online reputation of a website counting the number of times the URL of a website appears on different other websites. The more backlinks your website has in web properties with a high reputation the better your site appears at the eyes of the search engine.

How we support your SEO plan

At Digital Nomads Hong Kong we help our clients to identify the right keywords to rank for in the search engine results. Our activity doesn’t stop to keyword research. We analyze the website in detail to see how the information is organized among its different sections and eventually make changes in order to have your content properly displayed and ready to be checked by the Google bots.

We assist with the creation of the right content on a regular basis. As we already stressed out, content update plays an essential part in the overall SEO strategy. When you create new quality blog articles on a regular basis covering the specific keywords of your plan there are more chances that these are displayed in the first page of the search engine.

We make sure that this content adheres to the E-E-A-T and Google Quality Rater’s guidelines.

The first E stands for Experience. Google now places a greater emphasis than ever on authentic, individual engagement or hands-on knowledge of the subject matter discussed in content. This is because users frequently seek perspectives from individuals who have firsthand experience with the topic they are reading about. This holds especially true when users are contemplating whether to buy a product or service, or when they require guidance on a specialized subject.

The second E, Expertise, refers to the level of competence and knowledge exhibited by the creator of the content. Google requires that content be produced by individuals who possess genuine expertise in the subject they are discussing.

The A stands for Authoritativeness, this pertains to the credibility and reputation of either the content creators or the website itself. In order for a website or content creator to be considered authoritative, they must have a well-established presence and be highly regarded in their respective field.

The T stands for Trustworthiness, this encompasses both the reliability and credibility of the information presented. If content is accurate, well-referenced, and transparently sourced, it is more likely to gain trust from users as well the search engine.

All the content created has to be easily found by your users. If your website pages and categories are messy and badly organised your bounce rate increases. This is an important factor which is taken in consideration by the Google bots when deciding your organic rankings. The longer your users stay on your website the better, this shows that your website visitors easily find the information they are looking for and have a great experience while interacting with your site.

At Digital Nomads Hong Kong we strive to help you to diminish your bounce rate and make the navigation of your pages intuitive, more pleasant and user friendly.

Another essential SEO factor is the optimization of your website for mobile users. With the passing of the year Google is giving more and more relevance to the mobile aspects of a website. Only with a fast and well organised mobile website which supports a flawless viewing you’ll be able to get the best SEO results.

Can Anyone Guarantee You SEO Results?

The answer is simple: NO. Nobody knows specifically the Google Algorithm or has the magic key to crack it. So when you are promised fast and immediate results for your SEO you should be suspicious. The people selling you immediate results with your SEO activity may use optimisation practices known as “black hat SEO” which leads your website to be penalised and deranked by Google. Choose carefully your SEO partners as there are no silver bullets for your SEO efforts.

At Digital Nomads Hong Kong, we know the principles which govern the Google algorithm when it comes to website ranking for specific keywords: the usefulness and unicity of your content, the easiness of navigation, the proper organisation of the information, a performing mobile version of your site, the number of times your site is mentioned in high quality/ reputation websites. We work in accordance with these principles to provide you superb SEO services in Hong Kong and worldwide.

Our Recipe For a Good SEO

We always suggest our clients to match the SEO campaign with Google Ads. Why is that a best practice? With Google Ads you will be able to start getting the traffic you are interested in and generate leads and conversions the same day you activate your campaign. Due to the opportunity to use a large variety of sitelinks, Google Ads also give you more options to craft and control in detail your marketing message.

Your paid users will already be able to see your business appearing on the top positions of the search page from day 1. The more users will find your website useful and informative the more of them will go back to visit it in an organic way (without paid clicks) afterwards.

Google Ads create immediate and tangible awareness around your business. SEO complements on the mid and long term the first initial traffic response of your Google Ads. The two channels combined together create a perfect solution to sustain your search engine presence and strengthen your online reputation.

As we already said, we take in consideration the searches made by mobile users since mobile traffic is increasing year over year. We study the relevance of local searches for your business and implement such keywords in your SEO plan (ex. Spanish Restaurant Hong Kong, Appliances Shop Mong Kok, Motorbike Dealer Hong Kong etc. etc.). Mobile trends like voice over search are taking more relevance and cannot be ignored by online marketers. Making sure that we implement a correct SEO for mobile users along with the classic one for desktops is one of our best practices.


Why Digital Nomads For Your SEO

We are realistic and pragmatic in the implementation of your SEO campaign. This means that we don’t use any escamotage or trick to shorten the work needed to support your organic ranking in Google. We only use “white hat SEO” techniques which are fully supported and approved by Google itself.

We continuously track and measure your performance through the official Google SEO tools: Google Search Console and Google Analytics. We take the data coming from these tools to decide where to take action and what needs to be corrected in your SEO plan. We identify keywords that have been initially underestimated to further boost your organic presence. In doing that we take advantage of unseen but valuable opportunities. So we make sure to fully cover the range of options we have at our disposal to increase your search traffic.

When it comes to SEO we don’t look for shortcuts or easy wins, far from that. We always strive to identify the right strategy in order to implement a long term and sustainable growth of your brand in the organic results of Google . Get in touch with us for a free consult to understand how we can start working together on a viable and durable SEO plan.