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A website is the medium online users have at their disposal to interact with your business when they browse online. The first impression about your website is important as it represents the brand image you want to transmit to your potential future clients. But having a well organised, easy to navigate and high converting website is even more important. At Digital Nomads Hong Kong we make sure your users have a productive interaction with your website in order to turn their curiosity into a tangible willingness to know more about what your brand has to offer them. 

Why a converting website is crucial for your business

Web Development With Results

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Our Web Development Framework

The leading principles of our website development 

A User First Approach

You don’t own your website, or better, you don’t fully own your website. The success of a website is determined by the positive experience of the people navigating it. And it’s not only you doing so. 

So the main questions business owners have to answer before they launch a new website is about the defining traits of their clients. Who are the potential clients for my business? Which kind of information are they looking for? How can I communicate with them more efficiently and make sure they will  be able to find what they are looking for with a flawless and not time consuming process? But the most important question we try to answer with the companies which work with us is: “How can a new website solve a problem your potential clients are experiencing?”

Together with the brands we work with we research and identify the user personas of a website. The purpose of this activity is to create reliable and realistic representations of your key audience segments. These representations should be based on qualitative and some quantitative user research and Google Analytics data. Remember, your personas are only as good as the research behind them. We thoroughly investigate with the companies we work with the profile of their buying personas in order to precisely identify their profile.

The websites we design solve problems for whoever uses them, they are not only abstract concepts of beauty.  Our approach  recognises the user as the most important stakeholder in the web design process, and it puts him at the centre of every decision and design iteration.

The Importance Of Your Website Performance And Pages Content

An SEO Optimised Website

Having a website is the standard for every business nowadays. It’s not possible to think about the physical world as a standalone place for business activities. Online and offline continuously affect and influence each other and create new market dynamics. 

We believe that users have to be able to find your business on the search engines with the same easiness they find you in the real world. With our work we make sure your website loads fast, it’s mobile optimised and adheres to the Google E-E-A-T guidelines. 

We work on getting the best performance results from a technical point of view while making sure your content is original, useful, shows your expertise/recognition in the field and ultimately resonates with the needs of the users browsing the website.   

A website focused on conversions, not simple visits

 Visits Vs Conversions 

Our ultimate goal with our website design service is to bring you the results you are looking for. Independently from these being translated into leads/contacts or purchases, we make sure your users navigate a website where the conversion funnel is fully streamlined. We design your new website keeping in mind that the final scope of your online presence is to generate new business and increase your revenue stream.  

Implementing a conversion-focused layout on your website encourages visitors to actively pursue their objectives, whether it’s signing up for emails, submitting forms, or making purchases. This boosts the confidence of your target audience and fosters trust, increasing the likelihood of conversions and potentially turning them into advocates for your brand.


A Full Sales Funnel Integration

A website which brings together your whole team

When we develop a website we make sure that this fully integrates with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) and email marketing system.   

Integrating CRM with your website provides valuable insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and interactions. This information empowers you to customise your marketing tactics, product choices, and customer support efforts in order to effectively address the requirements and expectations of your target demographic.

Another benefit is that the CRM integration allows you to capture leads directly from your site and monitor their progress through the sales process. By utilising centralised lead management, you can prioritise leads, streamline follow-up procedures, and guarantee prompt interaction with potential clients, resulting in improved conversion rates and enhanced revenue generation.

        Moreover incorporating CRM into your website enhances communication efficiency among your sales, marketing, and customer support departments. This eventually leads to an increased conversion rate for newly acquired clients. 

Last but not least, through this integration you have the ability to offer tailored experiences to visitors on your website by drawing insights from their past engagements and preferences. Utilising customer information hosted in the CRM platform allows you to craft focused marketing initiatives, suggest related products or services, and deliver personalised experiences. This approach will contribute to increasing the overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Data, Not Feelings

A Data Driven Decisions Approach  

Is the website converting or not? How am I gonna understand if the web design is working? Simple answer: data. All our websites are bundled with a proper Google Analytics set up which allows you to understand the amount of conversions you are getting from it and the engagement time of the users with your pages. We base all our decisions on numbers to decide which pages need to be rebuilt and if anything needs to be readjusted after our initial assessment and website launch. 

Google Analytics (GA) also provides a comprehensive view of how your digital marketing strategies, such as SEO, blogging, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads , influencer marketing, affiliate programs, and social media campaigns are performing. By offering detailed insights tailored to various objectives and utilising different perspectives, GA allows for a deeper understanding of user behaviour on your site and the overall customer journey. 

Similar to the uniqueness of brand voice and business goals, website user engagement patterns, behaviours, and conversion targets evolve over time for each site. GA not only uncovers new opportunities but also assists in resolving any issues at every stage while generating insights focused on driving growth.


Why Digital Nomads Hong Kong for your Web Development?

We have a results proven experience with Hong Kong brands and the development of their websites. By hiring Digital Nomads Hong Kong, you can relieve yourself of all web design worries. Our skilled team will use their expertise to develop and manage a website that meets your and your audience’s expectations. Additionally, our websites improve your operational efficiency so that you have the necessary time to focus on running your own business.

Our agency positions you ahead in the race against competitors. While your rival brands may boast stylish designs and efficient interfaces, imagine surpassing them. To capture customer interest effectively, it’s crucial to leverage top-notch tools and the support of professionals with extensive experience in the ground

Assuming what your customers want can be tempting, but it’s a common challenge for businesses. With the assistance of our skilled web development team, you can gain valuable insights into the preferences of your core audience. Advanced analytics and software enable our team to fully understand visitor behaviour, empowering you to make strategic changes that boost traffic to your brand. By analysing visitor behaviour, you can refine your products and services to effectively target the markets you serve

Visits alone won’t get you anywhere. Get in touch with us for a free consult to understand how we can shape your web development strategy in order to increase your brand’s reputation and generate more conversions!