YouTube Ads

The consumption of online videos has grown exponentially during the last years both in Hong Kong and worldwide. Consumers spend more and more time watching videos in YouTube of products or services they want to purchase. They need the validation that what they are about to buy meets their expectations and effectively fullfills their needs. A video talks more than thousand words and usually provides much more information than a simple text or an image.

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads

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YouTube is a great platform for a company marketing strategy. Video helps to promote the brand awareness in a very effective way. The opportunities for the advertisers don’t stop here though, the latest changes to the advertising platform have favored the direct response and lead generation efforts of the advertisers as well.

YouTube Ads have evolved in a multitude of formats since the acquisition of Google in 2006. Nowadays the most famous YouTube Ads format is the skippable trueview ads (Video Action campaigns) which allows the advertisers to pay only when 30 seconds of their video ad is watched or when someone clicks on the link which redirects to specific pages of your website. This form of advertising is cost effective for businesses that want to use YouTube to generate new leads and conversions. Another interesting YouTube Ads for lead generation is the YouTube form Ad. This kind of format helps you to collect the info of your leads directly from a form showing in YouTube.

Differently from Non-skippable ads, these kinds of ads get better engagement and have a lower video view abandonment rate. This is the reason why they are the optimal format to run lead generation and conversions focused campaigns in the video platform.


A research from Google has shown how powerful is when a Google Search campaign is paired with a video one in YouTube. When search and video campaigns were used together, campaigns saw 45% higher lifts in ad recall, 43% higher lifts in purchase intent, and 180% higher message retention (Source: Think With Google, “Your customers use video throughout the entire journey. Do you?”).

After Google, Youtube is the second most used search engine in the world. It’s a great channel where businesses can retarget people who started a search in . The perfect place where is possible to collect more information about a product or a service. At Digital Nomads we help you to extend the message of your Google search campaigns into YouTube and make the most out of your advertising reach.

We help our clients to craft videos that are engaging, catchy and useful to the audiences they are shown to. We analyse the way your clients communicate in YouTube (language, memes, humour, references etc. etc.), which videos they like and share already to come up with the right marketing message. All this creative process results in a memorable brand experience and more leads generated by your YouTube Ads campaigns.

When making a video it’s important to remember that now majority of the consumers watch a video on the go and from their mobile phones. A video ad needs to have all the technical arrangements for which it should be understood and appreciated from any device and in any situation. Either your future clients are watching it from home from their tablet or in the Hong Kong MTR from their mobile phone, we strive to have your video content remembered.

In the latest years we have seen the rise of YouTube Shorts, the short form of video content (10-15 seconds) that users mainly watch from their mobile devices. The vertical format of your videos is now a must have to be able to properly connect with this growing audience.


We work to have a high view-rate of your videos so that your overall advertising cost decreases. View-rate is the most important quality factor of your YouTube Ads campaigns. Quality videos result in savings you can benefit from the set up and the continuous optimisation we perform for your campaigns.

Once your video is ready we help you to identify the right audiences. It’s key to show your message to the right people in order to have a high view and conversion rate. When the video advertising targets the right people the abandonment rate diminishes dramatically. Having just a good video is useless if those who watch it are not interested in what you are offering.

In addition to that we also communicate to the audiences we choose through a clear call-to-action with the aim to turn every ad click into a valuable conversion for your business.

As we already said YouTube can be a powerful media for the remarketing message or to target people that are proactively researching or planning. For example people who are starting their own business, people who just got a new pet, people who recently got married, people who are moving to a new place people who just graduated at college etc. etc. These specific audiences (life audiences) can only be targeted through the YouTube ad platform and represent a unique opportunity for advertisers. We support our clients to reach untapped but potentially valuable audiences.


We optimise your videos for the organic search as well so if someone clicks away from your ad but wants to find it again, they can do that easily. The title of your video plays a big role, if your video ad title isn’t relevant to the user’s search terms, it won’t appear on YouTube’s search pages. Giving the right description, title and also pairing your video with the right keywords is essential for the impressions in the organic results of the video platform. All our efforts are focused on the creation of a viral video campaign.

Through a continuous analysis of data coming from Google Analytics and Ads reporting we make sure to make the appropriate changes to always be able to reach your campaign goals. Whether you are aiming to showcase your brand through a video or generate more leads in the video platform, we are always on top of the game to bring you the best possible results.

We adopt a test-and-scale approach which allows us to grow the results gradually with the passing of the time and guarantee that your YouTube advertising budget is spent in the most efficient way. We think that not every view or click brings results to your video campaign, that’s the reason why we strive to bring you only the views or clicks beneficial to your advertising objectives.


We have handled video campaigns at Google for top brands, NGOs and worldwide known agencies, we have knowledge and a market expertise that few digital marketing agencies have in Hong Kong. We are qualified professionals in managing Google and YouTube advertising with a proven track record.

Included in the YouTube Ads management we offer you a FREE Google Analytics and Google Business Profile set-up and optimisation. We fine tune your Google Analytics to get the most out of your YouTube Ads campaign. We collect the data and use them to optimise your online exposure and make sure to target the right audience.

Last but not least, we are a Google Partner, qualified professionals officially recognised and with a proven success track. Clients have given us their trust and we’ve paid them back with results which have turned into long lasting business relationships. We always want to establish a profitable and durable collaboration with all the companies we work with.

Get in touch with us for a free consultation about your online presence and the opportunity to start a YouTube ads campaign focused on results.