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About Discovery Campaigns

Google has recently launched a new display advertising option which has now become fully available to Hong Kong advertisers as well: Discovery Campaigns.

As almost everyone uses Google, this campaign helps you to reach up to 2.9 billion customers across all Google properties and increase your performance goals in Google Ads.

Thanks to the data of the numerous users browsing Google properties and their intent signals it is now possible for you to deliver highly-visual and inspiring personalized ad experiences to the public at large who is interested in discovering your brand and engage with it. And you can do all this through a single ad campaign, covering several Google content platforms at once.

In this blog article we will cover all the major aspects of Discovery Campaigns.


Now, you can reach your ideal customers with a single ad campaign. It requires entering the essential building blocks of your campaign like catchy headlines, inspirational logo, and high-quality images that help Google show your targeted ads to highly-interested customers. Choose the Cost-per-Action Bid and a budget and Google will help you maximize the outcome of your campaign.

The most important features of Discovery Campaigns are:

A single campaign for all platforms– Running a single campaign can help you reach a large number of interested customers at once. Google Discover, YouTube Home, Watch Next Feeds in YouTube, Promotion and Social tabs in Gmail are great placements to reach up to 2.9 billion people monthly. It’s a large number, isn’t it? You get to know about their preferences and requirements from several Google Properties as people search almost everything on them, be it the latest fashion trend, a new recipe, or a nearby shop.

Some examples of discovery ads




Richer Ads for increased engagement- Google has the unique capability to understand user’s intent about a product or service based on their searches. Its technology helps you to show relevant and meaningful ads to interested people who want to learn more about your products and services. The final result is increased engagement of people exposed to the ads.

Showing visually rich ads on Google Properties– As we are talking about Discovery Campaigns, the Google machine learning discovers and get data about your new potential customers and their interests through their searches and feed-based experiences. This helps you drive your campaigns through various devices targeting a highly engaged audience and incite action with less time and effort.

Discovery Campaigns offer you different bidding options to choose from so that you can  meet your media performance goals. You can use Maximise Conversion Bidding or Target CPA  depending on your budget and marketing objectives.

These two bidding options are really ideal for your lead generation campaigns as they leverage on Google machine learning. The first option is used to find as many new conversions as possible for a certain amount of budget, the second one gives you the opportunity to set the maximum amount you want to pay to get a conversion.

When To Use

You can use Discovery Campaigns for your business if:

  • You have a certain marketing objective to meet through your media campaign to increase the conversions like increase sales, increase number of inquiries received or newsletter sign ups, etc.
  • You want to reach new potential customers with your ads. Your highly-visual, inspiring creative brand advertising on several Google properties helps you reach potential customers who are looking for new brands in the market.
  • You want to maintain your current market position. Your loyal customers i.e. your website visitors and most valuable customers who know your brand best are your greatest asset. Discovery Campaigns target these people to drive your ads and make them return to your website again.

If you want to learn more about how to drive conversions and generate leads through the Google Display Network you may be interested in reading this blog post about Google Ads strategic remarketing options.

Campaign Settings

Automation is key thus Discovery Campaigns have automated several settings like bidding and targeting that will save your time and efforts and help you drive your campaign as per your marketing objective, and your bid and budget choices. There are certain features as well which are not supported by Discovery Campaigns.

You can’t choose the following settings when you run a Discovery Campaign:


Content Exclusion

Discovery ads are placed based on the user preferences which are determined by the content that the user follows on Discover or the videos they watch on YouTube. Brand safety is given required consideration from Google and thus careful exclusions are applied by the Discovery campaign to ensure that your ads appear next to advertiser-friendly content only.

Discovery Campaigns will not show your ad next to content that includes obscene language, strong sexual content, or graphic violence. Discovery ads are shown as per the user preferences and the feed-based content on YouTube Home and Watch Next feeds, Gmail and Google Discover. Discovery campaigns do not use an account-level content exclusion setting which is used for websites, blogs, pages, apps, etc.  Thus content exclusion settings are applied only to the main video on the YouTube Watch Next feed. You can be assured that your ad appears next to the content you find suitable for your brand.


As one of the most accredited digital marketing agencies in Hong Kong, we have already successfully helped our clients to take advantage of the lead generation opportunities coming from the Google Display Network (GDN). Discovery Ads are the last addition to the wide range of advertising formats the GDN offers. Get in touch with us if you want to know how to maximize your lead generation process through the usage of discovery ads.

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