The New Google Analytics 4



We have already said how important it is to set-up Google Analytics when you have a new website. Google Analytics is an essential tool to measure the users activities on your website and get important information you can rely on when starting your digital marketing campaigns.

A huge number of both small and large businesses depend on Google Analytics to get insights about clients needs so as to help provide them the right solutions. With the rapid growth of ecommerce businesses and limited marketing budgets, it is now more important than ever to channelize the power of digital analytics tools to get the best results for your business.

Currently, Google is building an innovative and smarter Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4,  to help you with improved ROI from your marketing efforts in the long run. This new Google Analytics is rooted in the App + Web property which was introduced in beta last year. With machine learning at its heart, this new Google Analytics is all set to help you get the most instant and relevant insights about your potential clients ranging to all platforms and device types. 

Another great thing about the new GA is the fact that its design is centered on privacy which makes it less dependable of new regulations in the industry that have the potential to affect your data (cookies policy). This Google Analytics is all set to help you with insights that will prepare you with the future trends.

It will help you with intelligent insights for marketing that is on point and also delivers an increased ROI. The new Google Analytics uses innovative machine learning tools to help you with quick updates about crucial data trends such as an increased product demand. It is also useful to predict customer behavior in the future. For instance, its ability to analyze churn probability brings you much help to allocate marketing budgets in the most productive way.  


Apart from this, Google is also integrating innovative predictive metrics that can help you assess the profits you are likely to make from a certain section of clients. As a result, you get to target a premium clientele and increase your ROI from marketing.

The best part about these additions made to Google’s marketing products across channels is how smoothly they can be integrated in your marketing for an increased ROI. For instance, a deeper integration with Google Ads not just helps you build an audience that can target your clients with greater impact, but also allows them to increase the engagement with your business across platforms. This new dynamic will help you to boost the results of your remarketing campaigns.

The fact that the new Google Analytics can assess both app and web interactions simultaneously, makes it easier to include both web and app conversions coming from YouTube video views. Having a track of conversions from YouTube views, Google Search, Email, Social media as well as other paid channels will help you big time understanding the comprehensive effect of your marketing strategies.

This is key for the maximization of your lead generation and sales efforts. It will also help to organize your marketing budget in a more efficient way.

The new Google Analytics has a more comprehensive insight as to how your clientele networks with your business. This latest version provides you with client-based assessment, and not just an assessment limited across a channel or device. It makes use of multiple identities options, such as User IDs provided by marketing teams as well as exclusive Google signals from users opted into ads personalization, so as to provide you with a more comprehensive perspective of how your clientele engages with your business. For instance, it helps you find out if a client first finds out about your business from a web based ad and goes on to install the app to buy your products.

It will also help you specifically get an insight about your clients right from the time of acquisition, conversion and lastly retention. This is of utmost relevance, especially when you need to make critical business decisions to build a new clients’ segment at times when customer’s needs are constantly changing. 

Now you can easily figure out insights about your customers at any given point of their engagement with you to take your marketing in the right direction. For instance, you can check out the new user acquisition report and figure out which platforms are leading to new clients. You can also track whether or not these new clients stay after the conversion with the help of the engagement and retention reports.

Built for the long term

This is the right time to advance towards smart analytics and be prepared for the future, meeting the standards of your clients or keeping up with the constant developments in user privacy technology. A new approach to data controls is the key to improve data collection and retention, along with handling data for ads.

This new analytics is specifically designed to meet the rapid changes in technology allowing it to function both with and without cookies. Its flexible model is all set to fit in the future and fill in loopholes as far as data is concerned. This is exactly what makes Google Analytics a saving grace for you to not just get the most relevant marketing insights at present, but also gear up for the future.

The future of Google Analytics

Google Analytics in its all new avatar is all set to provide the ultimate experience to users by default. Before switching to this new analytics, Google pushes you to build a new Google Analytics 4 property (earlier known as App+ Web property) with your existing setup. As a result, you will continue to gain from the newest advancements without disturbing the workings of your existing setup.



As a leading digital marketing agency based in Hong Kong we always help our clients to implement the right tools to measure the results they get from the traffic on their website. Moreover when you start a paid ads campaign you want to minimise as much as possible any budget waste. The set-up of Google Analytics is key to that and supports the optimisation of Google Ads, Facebook Ads and SEO campaigns. With the right adjustments it can become the perfect tool to measure and improve the results of your online marketing. If you are not sure how Google Analytics can help your business growth let’s have a chat

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