The Importance Of Video Advertising For The Travel Industry

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We all know that YouTube has become an essential video platform for millions of users. As a result, many travel companies have realised this huge opportunity and are now applying video marketing strategies to their businesses. YouTube Ads will play a more integral role in the travel industry now, as did before COVID-19 restrictions were put into place. 


Now that pandemic-related travel restrictions have relaxed, people in Asia-Pacific (APAC) are resuming their adventures. But the years of lockdown and travel bans have changed their travel preferences and behaviours. As a digital marketing agency in Hong Kong, we’ve seen that both local and international ads, are one of the most important ways to help APAC travellers and travel companies bounce back. 


Video advertising is one of the most powerful tools for any travel brand, business or influencer. Travellers, not matter their age, background or budget find value in visuals. Travel videos can be educational or inspiration, allowing potential customers to have the information they need to start their trips.


In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of YouTube for the Travel industry. 



Travellers rely on informative and immersive travel videos 


Recently, people now care more about how they travel, and their experiences rather than just where they’re going. YouTube is the most common place travellers encounter ads, and a study by Google claims: 83% of them take action after seeing the ad, including researching and purchasing later on.


Online video is an important touchpoint at every stage of the travel journey. YouTube is critical to travellers in the “dream” and “plan” stages—with over 60% of users “saying they turn to the platform for ideas and information in these phases. As they research everything from different types of holidays to accommodation options” 


Users turn to YouTube for an immersive, real-world view of destinations and activities. When planning a vacation, millennials and GenZs are likely to research everything from different types of holidays to accommodation options. They want to be able to immerse themselves in the world and activities they’re exploring through videos, rather than solely rely on written reviews. 



How online videos satisfy and inspire travellers’ preferences


The travel industry is a world of endless possibility, and with so many options, it can be hard to know where to start. Google found that 60% of travellers who use YouTube say they turn to the platform for inspiration in the ‘dream’ and ‘plan’ stages of their travel journeys.  


In an era where people are constantly looking for ways to improve their lives, travel has become a major part of that quest. Gen Zers, more than any other generation before them, have taken their passion for travel to a whole new level by using social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to share their experiences with friends and family. It’s been found that 53% of Gen Z travellers use YouTube in their travel journeys.


With the help of YouTube, travellers can research and watch everything from different types of destinations and activities to accommodation options. The long-form nature of the videos provides them with an immersive, real-world view of holidays and adventures. Additionally, YouTube’s algorithm, search interface and customized content recommendations to match them with the most relevant information.


The luxury travel market offers an interesting case study for the power of video content. While budget-conscious travellers may seek out content that helps them plan their trips and make bookings, when it comes to luxury travel, the experience is what matters. Luxury travellers are more likely to book services through concierge services. These travellers tend to be more interested in YouTube videos that get them excited about their upcoming trip. In fact, 56% of luxury travellers who use YouTube found it very influential throughout their travel journey. Many of these luxury travellers rely on trusted brands and content on YouTube to help them plan for their trips.


Brand awareness and forming meaningful connections with your audience


In the world of travel, there’s no denying that things have changed. Travelers are more invested in the process than ever before, and they’re researching more thoroughly with the help of online video. But here’s the thing: while traditional marketing methods like TV commercials or billboards can only reach a small percentage of travellers, online video content can reach millions.


A YouTube marketing strategy that delivers personalized videos is crucial. It aids your brand’s lead generation, reach, connection, and influence travellers at every stage of the travel journey. In the travel industry, it’s key to have a presence on YouTube. After all, travellers most commonly recall seeing ads on YouTube.


If you want to reach travellers worldwide, in various interest groups and in all stages of their travel journeys, they’re going to be watching videos on YouTube. And if you want people to engage with your brand online and take action—like researching or purchasing something from you—then it’s important that you have a presence on that platform as well.


YouTube Ads and video marketing present an amazing opportunity for travel brands in 2023. With the end of the pandemic in sight, now more than ever is a vital moment for key players in the tourism industries to act. Its clear that video ads are vital for travel brands to get their messaging out there, and to connect with their intended audiences who stream online videos on a daily basis. 






Our Digital Marketing Agency in Hong Kong can support this moment of high travel demand with the right video strategies. We work with businesses on a local scale, as well as international. We have a dedicated team of expert digital marketers and video editors who can help bring your travel brand to life, while also providing a strategic plan to create valuable leads. 


To learn more about our work as a Hong Kong digital marketing agency and how we can help you in your digital marketing, contact us for further details.

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